Size computer of fillet crocheting-curtains
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You do not know whether the size of the depending-model fits your window measure? My size computer calculates for you!
All what this computer needs to the working::
- stitch test of the measure of 10 boxes * of 10 boxes (minimum)
- indicated number of the boxes from the respective model (height and width)
measured height from the stitch test [Inch]   measured width from the stitch test [Inch]
Caution: Only integer and decimal numbers with point '. ' for example: 3.0, 4.8 and so forth !
Quantity of the gratings height (crocheting pattern) Quantity of the gratings width (crocheting pattern)
Probable size of your crochet work:
Height: approx.
Width: approx.
(This size computer works only with JavaScript; Your browser must JavaScript accept!)
This page is a translation from German to English. I know, I have made many translations errors. Sorry, sorry, sorry ........ But nobody is in all things perfect...
Crocheting curtains
Available patterns: 1501
of door- and
window curtains
in various sizes
and many variants
as well as
with the most
different motives