FAQ: Frequently questions to the fillet crochet
How is a new spool combined with the old spool?
Through tie up. Both threads are incorporated with a darning-pin on completion of the crochet work.
How is the size of my stitch test projected onto the size information of the presentation?
Example: A presentation has an identified height of 16Inches = 61 boxes. Your stitch test at 10 boxes * 10 boxes shows a height of 2.2Inch ---> From that results: 61 boxes (from presentation) * 2.2Inch = 13.42Inches; also 2.58Inch(16-13.42) too shortly! For this difference of 2.58Inch must be added therefore boxes, in order to reach the identified height of 16Inches! ---> 61 boxes show in fact 13.42Inches with you; one box would show accordingly 0,22Inch(13.42Inches/61); 16Inches / 0,22Inch = 72.72 boxes; Upshot: In order to reach a height of 16Inches, you have to crochet therefore 73 boxes instead of the defaulted 61 boxes!
How should one care for fillet crocheting-curtains ?
Washing at 60 degrees centigrade. Of course such curtains can be washed also more hotly (so they remain always white), but also the danger of the shrinkage exists it through that. Latter one should be considered also at the beginning of every crochet work. (If a crocheting-result in a too large way has been cancelled, that can be compensated for with hot washing.
How must be worked the first line during the fillet crochet?
Every crochet work is begun in the first line with chain stitches.
How is the crochet work begun?
With chain stitches as a basis for the second line. The number of the air stitches calculated as follows: 1. (Number of the defaulted boxes - 1 box) * 3 chain stitches = ............; 2. 1 box * 4 chain stitches = 4 chain stitches; 3. 1 * 3 chain stitches (for first half double crochet of the second line) + 3 chain stitches; result: sum from 1. + 2. + 3.
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