FAQ: Frequently questions to the fillet crochet
Are the 3 chain stitches (crossing of the first to the second line) already with included in the informations on the stitch assault ?
Which material should be employed to the fillet crochet?
It is employed always fine bobbin and fillet crochet yarn of cotton with a correspondingly fine crochet hook.
Which crocheting-stitches must I memorize to the fillet crochet?
During the fillet crochet are applied chain stitches, half double crochets, double crochets, treble crochets or single crochets.
I have crocheted the first lines of my pattern. The measured height becomes greater than wanted. Why?
With some patterns the second line consists altogether of filled gratings/half double crochets. Tip: the chain stitches (stitch assault) should be crocheted with these patterns very closely.
The second line in my crocheting pattern consists continuously from filled gratings, at that connects single gratings. The filled gratings performs wavily. Why?
Tip: the chain stitches (stitch assault) should be crocheted with this pattern very closely.
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Crocheting curtains
Available patterns: 1501
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Sample of Rosette pattern
of door- and
window curtains
in various sizes
and many variants
as well as
with the most
different motives