Curtains crochet? That can everyone. Try it out yourself.
Pattern F11
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 88 * 129,
Curtain height approx. 19.1 (in), Curtain width approx. 25.4 (in)
Pattern F12
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 101 * 131,
Curtain height approx. 21.9 (in), Curtain width approx. 25.8 (in)
Pattern F13
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 85 * 141,
Curtain height approx. 18.4 (in), Curtain width approx. 27.8 (in)
Pattern F14
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 91 * 137,
Curtain height approx. 19.7 (in), Curtain width approx. 27 (in)
Pattern F15
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 35 * 111,
Curtain height approx. 7.6 (in), Curtain width approx. 21.9 (in)
Pattern F16
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 74 * 129,
Curtain height approx. 16 (in), Curtain width approx. 25.4 (in)
Pattern T1
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 94 * 123,
Curtain height approx. 20.4 (in), Curtain width approx. 24.2 (in)
Pattern T2
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 100 * 121,
Curtain height approx. 21.7 (in), Curtain width approx. 23.8 (in)
Pattern T3
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 98 * 121,
Curtain height approx. 21.2 (in), Curtain width approx. 23.8 (in)
Pattern T4
Quantity of boxes[H*W]: 83 * 93,
Curtain height approx. 18 (in), Curtain width approx. 18.3 (in)
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* Quantity of boxes [Height*Width]
* Quantity of boxes/segment[Height*Width]: These patterns are segment-wisely expandable in the width
* (in): Inches / Inch
Available patterns Curtains: 1607, Tableclothes: 60
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Crochet curtains
Available patterns: 1607
Details on crochet
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1. To find out which pattern and which size are suitable for you, you first need a crochet stitch test 10 boxes * 10 boxes(minimum!) and use the crochet yarn you want to use for the curtain later. Each more boxes you crochet for your stitch test, the more exactly you can calculate your curtain size!)
The indicated boxes in the respective fillet patterns help you together with your crochet stitch test, the probable size of the curtain to determine. For this purpose see for the page Size calculator. (CrochetDesign-startpage //
Attention: The dimensions of your crochet stitch test can reduce after the to hot washing, if you use cotton yarn.
2.Crochet stitches
In filet crocheting chain stitches, double crochets, triple double crochets, single crochets or slip stitches are crocheted. It is crochet in rows.
Description of the working method of each crochet stitch: CrochetDesign-Startpage, see this Link 'CD Home'--->Crochet technique
3. Material
Always fine cotton yarn is recommended as a material, for this purpose one correspondingly fine crochet hook. [crochet hook size 0,6, 0,8 (german crochet hook size)]
4. Internal crochet stitch test::
20 boxes[height] * 20 boxes[width] showed following approximately result: 3.9 Inch * 4.3 Inch; Yarn consumption approx. 13 g (cotton crochet yarn of the size 15, without filled gratings);
1 box[height] * 1 box[width] showed following approximately result: 0.22 Inch * 0.20 Inch
(Converted from cm in Inch!)
5. Determination of the probable crochet yarn requirement:
Based on the crochet stitch test 10*10 boxes(Minimum!) and its weight determination with the help of a balance. This weight is then compared with the to be crocheted whole pattern boxes
Example: crochet stitch test 10*10 boxes = 100 boxes = 1 g crochet yarn
--> crochet pattern have 100*150 boxes = 15000 boxes = 150g crochet yarn
Attention: The crochet stitch test should contain filled boxes!
For a curtain of the size 19.7 Inches * 23.6 Inches are used approx. 125 g crochet yarn. (cotton crochet yarn of the size 15)
6. All dimensions are based oninternal calculations, their basis the the internal crochet stitch test is. However, these dimensions may differ if your working style is different (slack or narrow crochet style) or e.g. other material (crochet yarn, crochet hook) is used.